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🚤 Discover Hurghada: Private Speed Boat Escapade

Set sail on an unforgettable 4-hour private speed boat excursion in Hurghada. Encounter 🐬 dolphins, snorkel vibrant reefs, and unwind on serene sandbanks. Choose to explore the allure of Orange Bay or the tranquility of Eden Island.


🏨 Hotel pickup and drop-off

🚗 Private car transfers

🤿 Snorkeling gear

🍉 Snacks, drinks & life jackets

Optional Upgrades:

🍊 Orange Bay

🏝️ Paradise Island

🌴 Eden Island

Book now and let the adventure begin! 🌊🐬

Image of people enjoying a private speed boat excursion in Hurghada, encountering dolphins and snorkeling vibrant reefs.

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