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🚤 Embark on a Private Paradise with "My Sky" from Hurghada! 🌴

Updated: Feb 13

Secure your spot now for an unforgettable adventure on our brand-new private boat, "My Sky"! 🌊 The experience of a lifetime awaits you and your loved ones on the shimmering waters of the Red Sea.

🐬 Dolphin Discovery and Coral Expedition

Set sail with family and friends for a day of pure bliss. Seek out dolphins in their natural habitat and delve into the mesmerizing underwater world by snorkeling in the finest coral reefs. Our onboard equipment ensures a seamless exploration, bringing you face-to-face with the ocean's wonders.

🍽️Lunch with a View

Recharge with a delectable lunch, surrounded by the beauty of the Red Sea. Relax on the deck of "My Sky" and savor a variety of culinary delights while basking in the sun.

🏝️ Exclusive Afternoon Escape to Abu Minqar Island

Venture off the beaten path and discover the enchanting Abu Minqar Island—an exclusive gem only accessible on private trips. Skip the crowds and relish in the tranquility of this hidden paradise.

🌈 Tailored Snorkeling Stops

After exploring the island, revel in two exclusive snorkeling stops in the crystal-clear blue waters of the Red Sea. Immerse yourself in the vibrant hues of the coral reefs, experiencing the true essence of underwater beauty.

🏖️ Flexible Island Choices

But that's not all! Choose your island paradise for the day—Orange Bay, Paradise Island, or the all-new Eden Island. Enjoy the freedom of a private journey tailored to your preferences.

🚫 Skip the Crowds, Embrace the Exclusive

Don't settle for crowded tours. Book with "My Sky" for a private, flexible, and unforgettable Red Sea experience. Hurry, the adventure of a lifetime awaits!

📆 Book Now!

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